About Me

Hi again, How nice of you to be interested in finding out from who is this content that you are appreciating. My name is Remko.

I believe we all deserve the mental clarity we need to experience just a few more happy moments in our lives.

Who am I?

  • I am a 41 years old Dutchman
  • living with my wife (who is way out of my league).
  • We live in a nice house in a green area
  • with our 2 kids
  • and a “Covid dog”. Yes, we also got one.

To be honest, nothing major shocking in my life. If you came here to find a typical extreme hero story, you will not find one here. I am all about realism.

Remko’s experiences and achievements

  • 20+ years of corporate experience in financial line management and project management positions.
  • Certified NLP practitioner and Excellent NLP coach.
  • The receiver of the prestigious coffee mug “Top Coach” from my daughter’s soccer team.
  • Proud owner of my own consultancy company and creator of this website as my true passion.

The dent in my self-esteem

The biggest part of my 20 working years has been about career building. Now, looking back. I have always put myself in an underdog position because I felt less than my colleagues. Without actually realizing this at that point, that feeling became my internal motivator.

Why did I put myself in an underdog position? Because I did not complete a fancy degree. At least not in my perspective. This created a dent in my self-esteem for a lot of years.

It led me to the mindset of self-development. This mindset has brought me an attitude that made me who I am today. Which was a blessing at the time but is becoming a burden now.

How self-development made me anxious

Five years into my working career I found myself listening to “The 7 Habits of highly effective people” by Stephen R. Covey. In fact, I listened to it 4 times in a row during my commute to work. It ignited a fire in me. A fire that I am in control of my life. And that my future is not determined by my past.

It made me realize that I did not need 4 to 6 years of studies to obtain certain skills to grow my career. It opened my eyes that I am in complete control of becoming better at anything I set my mind to. Become self-made. Which paid off. I am super proud of where I am today.

During this period I absorbed almost all the great self-development books, blogs, and YouTube videos of people considered experts in their field. While at it, I needed a structure so I became obsessed with productivity as well. I used a lot of tools, apps, and theories and read a lot of books again.

But instead of being more focused and achieving my goals and checking off my to-do lists with a smile, it made me more and more anxious. Only, I did not realize that was happening at that point.

I thought I missed that single theory that would make it all perfect. So I kept searching, I was caught in the self-development trap.

Breaking with self-development

What I did realize about 3 years ago, was that each self-development book I picked up was more of the same message with a different sauce. The essence frequently comes down to;

  • set clear goals
  • get up early like the rich and famous
  • having to change my habits in 30 days or so
  • stay consistent with all these self-development habits
  • etc.

It is simple, just do it. ‘The successful have nothing more than you’. You know the drill.

Do not get me wrong, this really seems to be the special sauce of the high achievers. But do I need to keep reading or listening to new versions of this all the time? My answer was no.

So I stopped reading them, stopped listening to self-help audiobooks, stopped assessing my notes, stopped looking for the best gadget, the best app, etc. I did not feel it anymore.

Mastering Mental Minimalism

I did not feel it anymore. This is where I started a bit more than three years ago. I knew I had to break with my attitude. I am for a long time searching for my internal focus. Experiencing more happy moments if you will.

We moved even further away from the cities, into the greener region to create external peace. But internally I did not find mental peace. I started playing golf to spend longer in nature and to wind down. Love the activity but I still brought my busy mind with me.

About 1,5 years ago I started certifying myself in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Not with the intent to be a coach or anything of that nature (although I officially am one now). But purely with the intent to learn more about my own limiting belief systems and negative thoughts about myself.

This has taught me that we are much more “self-taught” than we think. Trust me. This means that, with a little knowledge, we can flip that into becoming “self-made”. I wanted to share these insights with you here later. As well as how elements from minimalism add value to our mental clarity.

Final thoughts

So, this is me. I thank you for your time if you made it to the end. Allow me to send you back my blog posts here. Because I sincerely hope that with my content I can help you, help yourself to experience just a few more happy moments..

All the best,