About Us

Self-Made Focus is a website where information, insights, and research-backed knowledge are provided on how to enhance one’s own mental clarity. Using concepts from minimalism as well as education obtained on how to shift our mindset. With the single ambition to add more happy moments to our lives.

Let us be Honest

We all feel pretty overwhelmed at times in these busy times, right?

Whether you are (entering) in your mid-life like me or just because too many things are happening at the same time. We all could use some Mental Minimalism. Something that helps structure our day-to-day life:

  • Work stress to get that promotion or keep that much-needed job.
  • Or a life that is just happening, with all its obligations that we have taken on ourselves.
  • Relationship challenges that we all face in some sort.
  • Personal ambitions we have set for ourselves. Big dreams.

The epiphany

This picture was taken in Florance (Italy) last summer. And at this moment exactly, my wife and I realized we do not want more things, more accomplishments, or more of anything. The self-development train we were riding for more than 15 years, had to stop! It brought us anxiety more than anything.

It was never good enough, never enjoy the moment. The idea of Self-Made Focus was created.

What You Will Find Here

Self-Made Focus is created to show you a way of thinking that more knowledge is not necessarily the best way to achieve that thing you strive for. Here, we hope to open your mind to Mental Minimalism.

Here you will feel it is okay to not take on 11 responsibilities at once. Just like with physical minimalism, only stay with the essentials and leave space unoccupied. This sounds perhaps vague, but you are still reading so you are intrigued by it, aren’t you?

How fantastic would it feel if we are able to strip down all our thoughts and “must do’s” to only the essentials? And really be okay with leaving headspace unused.

Imagine, what if, that feeling is what we all mean when we talk about the concept of freedom?

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